Hot Red Pepper Jelly

Hot Red Pepper Jelly Recipe

My Hot Red Pepper Jelly recipe is one that I used to make about once a year. It has now become a twice and now three times a year recipe. I make the batch, store it in mason jars, and give it away in mason jars to my dinner party guests.

This Hot Red Pepper Jelly goes perfect with Kerry Gold: Dubliner Cheese and Buttery Town House Crackers.
 You can find it in the cheese sections of most grocery stores for about $5.00. I buy the cheese in bulk is at BJ’s Wholesale or Costco where you can get 5x’s the amount for just a few more dollars. If you think it’s too much cheese, try this Hot Red Pepper Jelly and you will soon realize that the bulk Dubliner size  goes super fast.

hot red pepper jelly

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